How to Cancel Yelp Ads?

Ads are the best and most effective way to reach out to a wider audience. When you think of Yelp, the idea that comes to your mind is that it is a great platform for finding local businesses and getting user-generated reviews. Have you ever heard about Yelp ads? There are Yelp ads, which can help you to target your audience.

Yelp is one of the most popular and important review sites for local businesses. This review site has become an important part of any local marketing strategy. Yelp is the best platform to find an ideal place to dine out, shop, or get other services. On this site, you can read reviews that help you decide whether or not you want to go with a particular company.

How to Cancel Yelp Ads

What are Yelp ads?

There are ad services on Yelp, which are known as special advertisements. These ads appear on its website and mobile app. These ads are a huge part of the self-service advertising platform of Yelp, which lets local business owners and marketers directly find the targeted audience. Businesses can target potential customers through promotions of their business name. It allows online users to access different reviews of each business or company, which pay for its advertising to compare opinions. With the help of Yelp ads, businesses can give their audience a chance to get the best service or product, which suits them based on their needs and preferences.

If a business exists on Yelp, then it can advertise on the site and become one of the top-listed businesses on the results pages. For your business, these ads would come under the ‘Sponsored’ section. When anyone clicks on your ad, it takes him/her directly to the Yelp profile of your business where they can read more reviews from real customers. Even, they can get the best info about your business such as the hours, images, contact details, etc.

The Right Way to Cancel Yelp Ads

If you are using Yelp to advertise your business and have an ads program, then you are actually taking advantage to enhance your business. In any case, if you would want to cancel Yelp ads, make sure you know the terms of cancellations, which are mentioned below:

  • CPC ad Campaigns : If you decide to cancel it, Yelp will eliminate it completely
  • Non-term Contract Program : It will give you the option to delete Yelp ads at any time. This is how you will end campaigns whenever you want to do. When you opt for this option, your ads are no longer displayed to yelp users.
  • Paid Products or Upgrades : To cancel it, you need to know that the date of cancellation is listed as the expiry date.

When you want to cancel the non-term contract program, it is important to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Tap the ‘Billing page’ after signing into your Yelp Business page profile
  • Under Your Products, go to Manage
  • Then, click the Cancel icon next to whichever ad campaign you want to cancel
  • After that, you need to confirm the cancellation

This way, you can cancel Yelp ads.

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