Can you get Peacock on Xbox One?

All those who are having Xbox 1, X Box, Xbox 1 S, or any other of the models will now be able to watch peacock with the help of their gadgets. Peacock is a streaming service that is owned by NBC Universal. This means that you are going to get plenty of hours to stream your favorite movies and TV shows.

If your world is spinning with this news then wait because there is more.  you will also be able to stream the Harry Potter franchise, NBC shows, Peacock Original, and The office like popular shows and if you are a sports fan which you are because you like playing video games then there is a live sport also added for you.

Can you get Peacock on Xbox One

This service comes at a price but it is worth paying for.  There are different options and people can pick packages according to their budget. If you do not wish that your fun to be interrupted by ads then go for the as free premium option. There is a free version for those who wish to test the water first.  The peacock app options will be around $4.99 to $9.99 according to the versions you choose.

How to enjoy Peacock on your Xbox?

On your, Xbox Go to Microsoft Store where you will find the Peacock app. You can search for the Peacock app in the search bar.

Then select the peacock app and hit the install button

Once the download is completed you will be able to see it on your Xbox Home screen. From there you have to launch the Peacock application. To have access to the app you will need to make an account to sign in.  Once your account is made you are ready to watch all your favorite Peacock content. If you don’t wish to make a peacock account then don’t worry there is one other way.

Go to directly on the app. But it is suggested to make an account as you will be able to enjoy many other features if you have a peacock account.  If you wish to upgrade to the premium version one day you will have access to in-app purchases making things easy for you. If you have a play station then you are too eligible to have access to the peacock app.  All the PS 4 and 5 console owners can stream on peacock. There are many other platforms where Peacock is available.

So, if you want to have continuous fun with classic TV series and Blockbuster Movies then Peacock is the number one choice you can go for.  It is an all-in-one package. There are different versions making things less challenging for video streaming service fans. Peacock is a reliable platform and Xbox is where you can get it instantly.

The free version has fewer features but is not a waste of time. The features Peacock includes are you will be able to stream it on at least three devices, parental controls, offline downloads, international access, and ad-free services. To enjoy peacock best on your Xbox it is suggested that you go for a premium version.

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