How Often Does Spotify Play Ads?

How Often Do Spotify Ads Play? | How Many Ads on Spotify?

Are you a Spotify user? Of course, yes! You might have seen ads while listening to music. Spotify has become one of the most popular and genuine music apps with more than 380 million active users every month. This is the main reason why it is considered the best platform for brands to reach millions of people in different parts of the world. Spotify ads are the best tool to attract customers or targeted audiences in a unique and personal way.

Spotify is not only the best music streaming app, where you can find a wide range of artists and songs, even, it also features many playlists and podcasts to let users enjoy to a greater extent. But one of the major drawbacks is that it comes with too many ads. Many people are willing to know that after how much time ads are being displayed on Spotify. With too many ads on Spotify, it can be annoying to have to go through them to start listening to your favorite music.

How Often Does Spotify Play Ads

Ads on Spotify

How often you will get Spotify ads? The answer to your question is that around every 15 minutes, you are going to see Spotify ads. Audio ads are played around every fifteen minutes to free users. In fact, they are played in between songs or tracks and can be up to thirty seconds long. Even there are video ads, you can see on Spotify. Both audio and video ads are primarily run on the free version of this music streaming app in between podcasts, songs, and playlists. At the same time, Spotify also provides ‘Custom Experiences’ that may include Home Page Takeovers, which are aligned with other types of ad formats for an auditory and visual experience.

Is it possible to get rid of Spotify ads?

Sometimes, it is not easy to wait for your favorite track all because of ads either video or audio. It may be a frustrating experience for you that after every 30 seconds, an ad is coming your way. So, what can you do? Can you get rid of ads on Spotify? The answer is yes and it is great news for you. If you are willing to eliminate ads audio and video on Spotify, then the best way is to sign up for a Spotify premium plan. Once you have the Spotify premium plan, it will give you no ads. Not only this, but you will be going to enjoy unlimited skips and playlists with the premium plan of Spotify.

And of course, it will be a great option for any music lover. To buy a premium version of Spotify, you need to spend $9.99. In case, if you do not want to invest money, then there is another way to get rid of Spotify ads. A Virtual Private Network can help you block ads, which will let you block ads while listening to music, but it won’t stop all of them. So, it depends on you whether you want a free or premium version of Spotify.

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