Can you use Fabuloso in Laundry?

Can you use Fabuloso to Wash Clothes? | How to use Fabuloso in Laundry?

The best way to confirm the features of any product is to visit its website. So if you have this question in mind can you use Fabuloso in Laundry? The website of Fabuloso mentions it as a multipurpose cleaner.  It is having a multi-action formula and can be used on any hard surface. This cleaner is best when you need to get rid of stains, greases, and limescale as well.  You can use this cleaner anywhere in your home to clean hard surfaces of any type of room.  You can use it on your bathroom walls, floors, and kitchen because this product Ph is neutral and not harmful.

Many people want to know if can they use it to wash their clothes. Human nature is always curious and this is why many have tried using it to do their laundry because of its fragrant smell.  The purpose of doing this is to clean the clothes and make them smell good. But do you think is it a good idea to use this strong cleaner on your clothes?

Can you use Fabuloso in Laundry

Can you Do your laundry with fabuloso?

Well, if you are going to listen to the experts it is advised that you do not use this strong cleaner that is used to clean stains on hard surfaces on your clothes.  You cannot use fabuloso as a detergent or even as a booster.  If you will look at the label of the fabuloso you will see that it is mentioned that this product cannot be heated and is only designed to do household cleaning. Today every washing machine is having settings where they go up to 130 degrees and even sometimes more than that to heat the water.  People who use steam machines their temperature can go very high every time they put a load. Not all know about their machine settings for hot water and this is why it can spoil the clothes and even be dangerous for the machine.

Fabuloso is a cleaner and a very robust cleaning product that you can use in your toilets.  If you will use it on your clothes it is going to put a harsh impact and the cleaner will not be good for your skin as well.  Today there are affordable laundry products available in the market. It will not be a good idea to experiment with your clothes just to save a few bucks.

Why you must not use fabuloso to do laundry?

  • Fabuloso is created to clean hard surfaces and toilets.  It is mild but still has many chemicals in it.  Washing clothes in this cleaner can irritate your skin when comes in contact.
  • It is having powerful smell which is not recommended for clothing. You cannot even add a little amount of fabulous along with your detergent. All those who are sensitive to smell will find it offensive.

Fabrics are delicate and sensitive and must not be exposed to strong products. Fabulous is only to be used for household cleanings like toilets and kitchen areas.

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