Malayalam Calendar 2020 (മലയാള കലണ്ടർ)

Malayalam Calendar 2020 : Features To Explore!

It is modern technology, which has developed online calendars. These calendars are something digital that may make your life easier and convenient. These days, almost every youngster has greater dependency on modern technology along with computers. This is why there is a great popularity of online calendars among youngsters and even other categories of people. The special feature of online calendars is that these are easily accessible and can be taken in different languages.
If you belong to Kerala and you need the Malayalam calendar, then the internet can accurately give you the app that relates itself to the calendar both online and offline.

Malayalam Calendar 2020

Malayalam Calendar 2020 (മലയാള കലണ്ടർ)) Contents:

About Malayalam Calendar

It is a calendar app of Kerala that is completely free of cost. This app is made for those who speak and understand the Malayalam language. With this app, you will also get Panchangam in Malayalam.  This almanac app or Malayalam Calendar 2020 can help you in giving such info, which is as follows:

  • Sunrise timings and sunset timings
  • Calendar images for all months
  • Holidays and festivals’ list of 2020
  • Details of Rashi and Nakshatra
  • Fasting days of all months
  • Horoscope and panchanga details
  • Shub muhurat details like grih parvesh dates, marriage date, namkaran dates, vehicle purchase details, etc. of 2020
  • Hijjra dates
  • Government holiday dates of 2020

It has a simple and easily understandable design that goes with the flow.

What Malayalam Calendar gives you?

It is a complete package that has many benefits to offer when you install and use this app in your device. It can be easily installed on an android device by going to the play store of a corresponding mobile directly. Once you install this calendar in your mobile or computer, you can use this app for different things including;

  • It is capable of giving you the details of Maasam or month, Vaaram or week, dates, Nakshatram, Thithi, etc. with such information; you can prepare your arrangements for any party or function, or do anything important.
  • Next, you will also take advantage of the info about festivals coming in the year of 2020.
  • Along with that, shub muhurat dates are also mentioned that may help people in making plans for marriages, house warming, vehicle purchase, or anything essential that they want to do.
  • In this calendar of 2020 in Malayalam language, one can discover the position and timing of sunrise, sunset, moonset, moonrise, sun sign, yoga, Karana, nakshatra, gulikai, rahu kalam, Njattuvela, zodiac, or much more. This entire data is given in Malayalam.

Why Malayalam Calendar 2020?

The special feature of this calendar in Malayalam is that it is the online version of the calendar, but can be utilized offline as well. One can go for the installation of this calendar in his/her smartphone, and after that, the offline version is also available with it that they can use. There are lots of features people can enjoy with this calendar like date change, modern theme, calendar in PDF format, or so on.

Get It Printed!

There may be conditions in which you need to have this calendar around your desk, at home, or office, and you need a paper calendar. There is nothing to worry at all as you can go for Calendar 2020 Printable form. Once you download it on your mobile or PC, and then you can easily print it in your desired format. All you need to do is to give the command to your computer or mobile, and you will be easily done with the printing format. This way, you can have a great experience while using Malayalam Calendar 2020 either online or in printed form.

Malayalam Calendar 2020 (മലയാള കലണ്ടർ) Monthwise

Here we will update all monthwsie Malayalam Calendar shortly. Bookmark this page to get all monthwise calendar of Malayalam.

  • Malayam Calendar 2020 January
  • Malayam Calendar 2020 February
  • Malayam Calendar 2020 March
  • Malayam Calendar 2020 April
  • Malayam Calendar 2020 May
  • Malayam Calendar 2020 June
  • Malayam Calendar 2020 July
  • Malayam Calendar 2020 August
  • Malayam Calendar 2020 September
  • Malayam Calendar 2020 October
  • Malayam Calendar 2020 November
  • Malayam Calendar 2020 December
List of All Malayam Calendar (മലയാള കലണ്ടർ) 2020

Here is the list of all malayam Calendar of 2020 :

  • Manorama Calendar 2020
  • Mathrubhumi Calendar 2020
  • 2020 Kerala Malayam Calendar
  • Janmabhumi Malayalam Calendar 2020
  • Deepika Malayalam Calendar 2020
  • Kerala Government Calendar 2020

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