Easter 2020 : When is Easter 2020?

All About Easter 2020

Easter is celebrated on a different date every year by Catholics and Protestants alike. In 2020 Easter will be celebrated on the 12th of April 2020.

When is Easter 2020?
When is Easter 2020?

Easter 2020 Contents:

The tradition of celebrating Easter holidays 2020 has its origin in the era before Christ. In the ancient world, agriculture was the main source of livelihood. People lived in complete harmony with nature and the earth in small farming communities. Spring was considered the period of hope and regeneration after the cold winter season. Since the Sun was worshipped as a God for blessing the crops with sunlight and rain, people prayed to it on a Sunday in spring for a good harvest and the fertility of their farm animals. This day marked the start of the sowing season and was celebrated as the festival of Easter. This tradition was being followed much before the birth of Jesus Christ.
Easter 2020 When is Easter 2020? When is Easter

Easter 2020 Date

12 April 2020

Upcoming Easter

  • Easter 2021 : Sunday 3 April
  • Easter 2022 : Sunday 16 April
  • Easter 2023 : Sunday, 8 April
  • Easter 2024 : Sunday, 31 March
  • Easter 2025 : Sunday, 10 April

The Roman calendar is based on the lunar cycle (depending on the moon) which is of 28 days. So, they consider every month to be of 28 days. However the standard calendar followed by the modern world is based on the Sun. So, according to it, every month is of 30 days. The two calendars are not synchronized due to this discrepancy. So, the date on which Easter will be celebrated every year does not remain the same and so is the case with Easter Holidays 2020. The only thing which is constant is that it is celebrated on a Sunday between the 12th of March and the 18th of April.

Easter Holidays 2020

Easter gained significance when it was linked to the resurrection of Jesus Christ when he came back from the dead after being crucified on the cross. His return was a symbol of hope for Christians everywhere. Earlier also, Easter was celebrated as a symbol of hope and fertility. Now it gained in popular perception as the most important festival for Christians the world over. The Church propagated the religious relevance of this day to attract people back to the faith.

Easter Holidays 2020

Easter Holidays 2020 will be celebrated with the same faith and devotion as always. Adults have incorporated the fun element in the celebrations for this day so as to attract children to it. They want the kids to ask about the Christian faith and to learn about the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ for Christians all over the world. By making the children play Easter egg hunt games and by gifting attractively painted eggs on this day, people want them to connect with this festival and to understand its relevance.

Easter Holidays 2015

Easter holidays 2020 will again be a great way for families to come together to celebrate this festival. Kids will wait for the day as they want treats and beautifully painted Easter eggs, preferably made of chocolate. They also look forward to helping with the preparations for the Easter egg hunt. If the kids are old enough, they can help paint the Easter eggs. They can even help plan the egg hunt games and coordinate those if they are old enough. People who are not inclined towards the religious aspect of this festival enjoy it as another holiday and an excuse to relax at home or go out of the town to some exotic place for the Easter holidays 2020.

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