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Swipeclock Supervisor : Vital Things to Learn!

Human resources play an immense role in any organization or company. The key behind the achievement of any organization is its enthused employees. There are lots of tasks that need to be done when it comes to handling human resources functions. To enhance Human Resource Management, technology has played well and developed HRMS-like tools and technologies.

In simple words, it can be said that HRMS is a software tool that offers a wide range of modules for Human Resource Development, Personnel Management, Organization Structure, Payroll, and Records of attendance.

Swipeclock Supervisor


Benefits of HRMS

There is a huge range of HRMS tools available in the market, which have varied features and benefits. You must select the best HRMS to improve the productivity of your organization. Swipeclock seems to be an innovative HRMS that has many benefits to offer. With the HRMS software, organizations will have the below-mentioned benefits:

  • It helps in the management of functions in any organization. Performing all the functions or tasks will be made easy with the use of this software.
  • HRMS software is used to evaluate the performance of employees at various levels. It also monitors the number of productive hours of employees.
  • With the Swipeclock Online and Attendance feature of HRMS, one can track employee’s attendance and time easily and accurately.
  • HRMS is a system that offers support to handle the manpower of an organization.
  • Even, it is also used to process daily human resource requests without investing huge time.
  •  Automation of HR policies can also be done, leading to better productivity of HR processes.
  • HRMS like Swipeclock helps to save time as tasks like Payroll is being carried out with higher accuracy. Using this software will help you reduce data entry and paper-entry work, saving a lot of calculation time.
  • Employees need training at different times. This changing need for training among employees makes HR tasks more difficult. HRMS assists to identify the training needs of employees, helping them to enhance their skills and abilities. This way, the employees’ satisfaction is being enhanced when it comes to assigning any task.
  • HRMS software can also retain the history of employees with accuracy. In this software, daily employee records are gathered and updated on a regular basis.

How to use Swipeclock?

Employees, supervisors, and administrators can use this software easily. All they need is to sign up with this HRMS software and they will get a login ID and password. When anyone is going to login into this software, make sure you are using the right password. With the Swipeclock Supervisor Login, supervisors can enter this software and perform different tasks such as:

  • Time and attendance management
  • Advanced scheduling of employees
  • Applicant tracking
  • Self-service featured clocks

Supervisors can use Supervisor Swipeclock to optimize the performance of their employees and other human resource staff members.

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Swipeclock Online and Attendance

When it comes to handling the time and attendance of employees, Swipeclock is going to help supervisors and employees as well. This software can provide the right way to track the attendance and time spent by employees during their working hours.

This automated attendance and time software allows the organization to manage hours invested, pay rates, services, and locations of employees. With this software, one can also implement and enforce steady and fair pay policies.

It can ease out the time tracking of employees. The major benefit of this software is to decrease labor costs, as well as unplanned overtime. Aside from that, this cloud-based system can be integrated with any of the reputed and leading payroll platforms in the industry. Any employee can punch in using physical clocks or via the web.

Using Swipeclock Online and Attendance feature can help supervisors to perform advanced scheduling of employees according to the skills required, employee preferences, and labor law constraints. This way, employees can manage multiple shifts without any trouble. Of course, it can also send automatic notifications to employees when there is a change in shifts. When it comes to installing this software, as it is an internet-based system, one can easily install it without hard effort.

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Swipeclock Timekeeping

This software with a timekeeping feature can help an organization in different ways. If you invest in this software for timekeeping purposes, then you will be going to have greater ROI. Some benefits of this timekeeping software are mentioned below:

  • One can avoid payroll errors because it can track hours with comprehensive accuracy
  • This tool can also boost trust between Human Resource Management and employees
  • It can also help to avoid missed punches
  • Using this timekeeping tool, you can decrease the time that needs to be invested in the labor-management
  • It can also eliminate buddy punching
  • With this software, organizations can also speed up the process of time card approvals
  • There will be no unplanned overtime that may cost higher to the organization
  • It is also designed to keep track of PTO requests

Swipeclock timekeeping comes with an integrated time clock and payroll system, which collects, processes, and reviews attendance and time seamlessly. It will collect time data accurately via many devices such as a GPS tracking system, a caller ID-verified clock, or a simpler version including a basic card to be swiped.

There is a single login and dashboard that can be used to access ‘Time Clock and Payroll Processes.’ It not only helps supervisors, but employees can also use features like

  • Requesting time off,
  • Approving/editing time cards

This software is a complete suite of integrated workforce management solutions to improve the efficiency of working teams in any organization. This cloud-based software supports small businesses to enhance productivity. So, start relying on this software to run your organization well.

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