Does Peacock Work with Chromecast?

There is no fun in watching blockbuster movies on the small screen but not all of us are having Big TV in our house. So the question is can you watch the best video streaming platform peacock on your Smartphone? The good news for all TV lovers is that no matter if you have a smart TV you can watch it on larger screens. You just need is a chrome set device. This way you can connect your device to your Smartphone like a television, tablet, etc. you can play any show available on peacock on your TV.

Does Peacock Work with Chromecast

What is Chromecast?

Chromecast is a gift from Google to us.  In simple words, you can say it is a streaming tool that can wirelessly link your HD monitor, computer, tablet, and Smartphone with your phone.  Currently, every TV screen is having HDMI connector and you only need that. You can transform your device into a smart one that will be linked to every other device with this feature. There is also a third-generation Chromecast available. This comes at a cost and you can enjoy more features.

You can use Chromecast for free. There is no fee or subscription required. To enjoy advanced features you will have to pay a fee of $35.  If you are using an old HD TV Chromecast can give your TV life because you will have access to all the fun that is currently restricted to you. Without Chromecast, you will not be able to watch peacock TV shows, movies, and other fun features.

Peacock Platform on Chromecast

Peacock an NBC Universal video streaming platform is the most popular app that launched in the USA. It is available for devices like android TV, android smartphones, and Chromecast and is even present in devices that is having inbuilt Chromecast. Owners are now having complete compatibility with Google television.

Chromecast Function Explained

You might be thinking that you might need to transfer video from one device to another but it is far less easy than you think. You need to connect a device and Chromecast will tell you what to stream. It will stream the content you are looking for using its internet network. To get the display n your Smartphone you will need chrome cast.

We cannot put our Smartphone to unlocked mode and you need a more active tool. There are many features available with Chromecast that make peacock streaming fun. It remembers your volume setting; you have a virtual remote and much more.

Installing Peacock on your Chromecast

If you have peacock TV you have access to an abundance of video material. Today people prefer streaming to traditional TV. There is something for everyone on the peacock streaming platform.

  • Connect Google TV to a reliable connection
  • Click on the App section on the home screen
  • Type peacock in the search bar
  • Click on the install button
  • Activate the peacock app using your Google TV
  • Enjoy the peacock streaming app on your TV

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