Can you Cancel Peacock at Any Time?

Many people in the USA are using Peacock for watching their favorite TV shows, movies, or hit albums. This video streaming service was launched in early 2020 and it received the big attention of the public in the USA. This is how it reached massive success. Its subscribers are increasing day by day due to the extensive content variety it offers.

This is why it has become one of the biggest competitors in the streaming market in the USA. If you are a user of Peacock, you would be enjoying a lot of entertaining content.

Are you willing to end your subscription with Peacock? You would be watching your favorite TV shows or movies every day on Peacock, but do you need to end its subscription because of any reason? If yes, then there is nothing to worry about it at all.

Can you Cancel Peacock at Any Time

No matter what the reason behind canceling your Peacock subscription is, you can easily downgrade from a premium Peacock plan to a free/basic one. Many people want to know that can they cancel Peacock at any time. Yes, they can easily cancel it. Here is a quick guide that will tell you how to Peacock subscription:

The Process to Cancel the Peacock Subscription

The main thing you need to know about canceling the subscription with Peacock is that canceling payments on any premium plan does not stop your Peacock account afterward. Canceling the subscription means you will be going to use a downgraded plan, i.e. free plan with limited access. Check out the below-mentioned steps to know how to cancel the subscription with Peacock at any time:

  • Visit the official website of Peacock via a web browser
  • Sign in with the account of Peacock using the right credentials like username and password
  • Go to Account Settings and then visit the Change Plan option. It will let you see the current plan you have subscribed to.
  • Find the Peacock Free Option and then choose it.
  • After that, you need to click on Change Plan if you want to cancel Peacock’s subscription and then revert to the free plan.

When you click on the free plan option, it will notify you. The best part is that you will get a confirmation mail on your linked email address, stating that your payments have been canceled. In the email, you will be informed of the date when your premium plan of Peacock will end. There is no need to get afraid of the cancelation of your account with Peacock.

Keep in mind that canceling the subscription and downgrading to a free plan does not erase your account. It will make the payments paused. In any case, if you change your mind and need to get the subscription to Peacock again, you can restart it with the help of the same instructions.

Final verdict

In the end, it can be said that like every other subscription-based video streaming service, Peacock is not complicated to cancel. Following the simple instructions will allow you cancel Peacock’s subscription at any time.

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