Is Peacock TV Worth It?

Many people still are not using Peacock TV because they deal with confusion about whether it is worth using it or not. Millions of users who use the Peacock TV app believe that it is the best streaming service and provides an endless watching experience. It is a streaming service from NBC Universal. 

When NBC launched this streaming service, many people speculated if the streaming space required yet another provider. Despite having noteworthy competition, this platform recognized itself as a hard option to assist users to provide the content they want at a reasonable price.

Is Peacock TV Worth It

About Peacock TV

It is the NBC streaming app, which offers free and paid plans. There is a lot to explore if you are using it. Its valuable and countless streaming content options make it worthy to download and start using. Based on the type of plan you are going to choose, it will give you a chance to watch TV classics, movies, live streaming news, universal films, original series, and sports channels. The best thing about Peacock is that it offers plenty of on-demand content from its huge library of NBC TV programming.

However, to use Peacock, you need to pay some money every month. Of course, it comes with a free way to stream the content of your choice. It has a free tier along with paid options. The company has an ad-supported tier, which it uses to provide free content. Apart from that, it has paid subscription tiers, which the company uses to offer unlimited access to NBC originals, shows, and live TV programming. There are three plans offered by NBC Universal for Peacock TV. These are:

  • Peacock : It is completely free of cost
  • Peacock Premium : It comes at a price of $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year
  • Peacock Premium Plus : For this plan, the price is $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year

Peacock by NBC Universal provides about two-thirds of its content entirely free of cost. To watch other content, there is a paid plan.

Is There a Free Trial?

Today, it is no longer to obtain a free trial to try any of the paid plans offered by NBC. However, a user can create a Peacock account without paying any money. You can register with Peacock at any time to test the service and start watching selected movies and shows. And the best part is that anyone can cancel whenever he or she wants without a penalty or fee.

What you can watch on Peacock?

This video streaming service in the USA offers thousands of hours of TV shows and movies, exclusive content that is available only on Peacock. Along with that, you can also watch the news and sports. This streaming service is the best option for adults as well as kids. Kids can watch a good amount of content.

Make sure you know that all episodes of a particular show are not available free of cost. This is why you need to get a premium plan for Peacock. As a result, this streaming app has everything to offer to users. So, it is worth using it.

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