Is Peacock Down Right Now?

Peacock is a popular streaming service where you can watch all your favorite content on a variety of devices like smartphones and laptops. The service is currently facing some issues. Many users are complaining about the peacock server going down or not working. 

If you are too facing issues with your peacock streaming service then you are not alone. There are some potential reasons why the peacock is not working. There are some common issues like

  • Poor internet connection
  • Issues with the server
  • The Peacock  app may be down

Is Peacock Down Right Now

We are dealing with technology here and if the best ones can break down.  There is nothing to worry about as this issue will be mended soon. There are a few things that you can do yourself like check your internet connection.  You must also check the server status to troubleshoot peace.

You can visit the peacock website to get access to the server. If the actual server of the peacock is down then you just have to stay put.  The server will come back soon.  You can check the server status to know what is wrong with a peacock.  If the server is up and still your streaming platform not working you must check your internet connection. The best way to get rid of this issue is to restart everything.

Tips to Make Peacock Work Again

Research Peacock : Peacock is not just any app so if there are any issues it may be nothing or big. The first thing you can do is to restart the app. if any bad data is causing glitches get rid of it. Close the app and restart.

Check your Network Connection : If you are unable to watch a video on peacock then you might be using unreliable internet. This can happen to both your tablet and television if the router is far away. Sometimes the connection is very slow and the reason behind your peacock not working.  To watch peacock users will need 7Mbps to have access to the HD streaming content. 

Switch to another Device : There is one more thing that you can do is it switch your device. This is natural and you can immediately get rid of it by making peacock work on any other device.

Restart your Device :  You must restart your TV, laptop, Smartphone, or iDevices if the peacock fails to work on your device.  Many times restarting the device works like a magic. Pull the plug or switch off your device, wait for a few seconds and switch it back on. 

Clear your Cache : You like it or not but clearing the cache of apps is the best way to keep things in place while you are streaming on your favorite platform.  It is very easy to clear your cache

  • Go to settings and tap on apps
  • See all apps, tap on peacock
  • Tap storage and cache
  • Tap on clear cache

These are a few tips that you can use to get rid of the issue. If nothing works you must wait till the peacock server is up.


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