What is a Good CTR for TikTok Ads?

Good CTR for Tiktok Ads | What is a Good ctr on Tiktok Ads

TikTok is a very popular app these days. People of all ages and talents are in love with this app. This app offers so many opportunities besides being an entertaining app.  It will be nice if your business has TikTok ads. There are already many apps on TikTok and you can see them. 

So if you are ready to reap benefits from TikTok you must first know if your brand is right for that platform. If you think this shiny and entertaining platform is right for you then think again.  You must be confident enough that on TikTok people will pay attention to your product. TikTok is right for inexpensive brands and impulse services and products.

What is a Good CTR for TikTok Ads

CTR is Important

If you are running an ad on TikTok it is good but if you are not paying attention to its CTR then it is bad. CTR here means click-through rate.  In simple words, it means the number of clicks on ads. The industry average click-through rate is 0.58% but this data keeps on changing.  Also, the types of ads have different types of CTR. 

It is useless if you are not measuring the performance of your ad campaigns. There are lots of things that you can prepare for the future if you keep tracking your CTR. TikTok has a variety of paid ad formats and all this is going to give your business a high engagement rate that is around 3%-12%CTRto website.  The best part is that TikTok is inexpensive and is ten dollars per CPM which mean the cost is relatively low.  This platform is having a huge impact globally which can help your ad go viral.

If you wish to receive pay-per-click success CTR is important because it directly affects your quality score  and  also keeps count of how much you  have to pay every time someone search for your ad The formula of CTR is

Total Clicks on ads/Total Impression=Click-Through Rate

In your PPC account, you can easily view this data. If you are having a high percentage your CTR is also going to be high. You must pay attention to this as it helps you attain a quality score. The benefits do not limit here when you have good quality score your position of the ad is also improved and marinated. All this is done at a lower cost which saves you more money. CTR is different for instance for entertainment it is 10.60%, and for legal services, CTR is 3.85 so according to this a good enough CTR is going to be 11-12 %. You can start from low like 4-6% which is a good start.

Final words

TikTok is growing and it is constantly updating its new features which are attracting more and more users. For advertisers, TikTok is no less than heaven. People from all regions are present on TikTok. Today TikTok is more in demand as compared to Facebook.  These platforms give you easy reach to reach your CTR percentage.

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