Tiktok ads Payment Unsuccessful

Tiktok Ads Payment Unsuccessful : Know The Reasons 

These days, TikTok has become the most useful and reliable advertising platform for advertisers for a variety of reasons. It has a large audience base and a high engagement rate. This is the main reason why many companies and businesses have switched to TikTok ads to advertise their services or products.

With a variety of TikTok advertising features, you can create ads to reach your audience in many countries. It can help you to expand your reach. Some advertisers may face issues with TikTok ads.

You may see the message of "the payment was unsuccessful due to an abnormality. please try again later or use another payment method.". If your TikTok ads payments are unsuccessful, then there are some solutions that can help you resolve this error :

Tiktok ads Payment Unsuccessful

Unsupported Payment

It means that your bank has not approved this payment. In this case, you need to use a different payment method or contact the bank. So, try other supported payment methods to finish the transaction. If the issue still exists, contact your bank.

Unsuccessful Payment

When your payment is unsuccessful, you will see two error messages. These are:

  • The payment was unsuccessful due to abnormality. Please use another payment method. Please try again later or use another payment method.
  • The payment was unsuccessful. Please try again or use another payment method.

Behind these errors, the reasons may be incorrect information, an unsupported payment method, or a problem with your bank or payment institution. So, to resolve this issue, you should verify your bank or payment institution info is correct and tries it again. Moreover, you can also try using a different card or payment method to finish the transaction. Ensure your card supports 3D Secure Verification.

If you still are experiencing some problems, it would be a great thing to contact the bank or payment institution and ask for more details related to the rejection. In case you are blocked from paying money again, then you need to wait for at least 24 hours. [the payment was unsuccessful due to an abnormality tiktok]

Invalid Payment

If you will get an invalid payment method error, then it means that your payment method is invalid or expired. In this case, try using a different payment or card method to complete the transaction.

Invalid Payment Amount

The error looks like ‘Invalid payment amount. Please double-check the payment limit and enter a supported amount.’ If this error comes, it means that you have entered an invalid amount. If you want to resolve this issue, ensure to input an appropriate amount within the standard limit and then try the transaction again. In case the problem comes again, contact your payment institution or bank and ask for more details about the refusal.

Inadequate Funds

The error looks like ‘Insufficient funds. Please check your balance or use another payment method.’ It states that you have inadequate funds to finish the transaction. To resolve this error, make sure that your selected payment method has enough funds. At the same time, ensure that you have not touched your payment limit and that your payment method settings are accurate. Contact your bank and get more details about the refusal in case you are dealing with the same problems again.

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