Hindu Calendar 2020

Hindu Calendar 2020 : Get The Future Updates With Complete Details!

In India everything depends upon the astrology for example for a wedding there is a muhrat, astrology is used for baby names, beginning of a new business and many other important events are planned after looking deep into the Vedic Calendars. For every tyohar and vrat we will need a Hindu Calendar Months to complete our austerity, deity worship and celebrations. Earlier people had to visit pundits to get a date, but today there are Hindu Calendar PDF files and online applications available with many updated and fancy features in the calendars making life more manageable and life easy. There are all the different Hindu Calendars easily available like Marathi calendars, Telugu Calendar, Malayam Calendar, Tamil Calendar and others. These calendars are also accessible in different languages.

हिंदू कैलेंडर 2020
हिंदू कैलेंडर 2020

 Hindu Calendar 2020 (हिंदू कैलेंडर) Contents:

Hindu Calendar 2020

You can find the calendar online in the form of an application which will allow you to view Maasik, Dinak, Nakshatra, Tithi, Subh Muhurat, Thyohar, Vrat, Panchang and you will also know all the information about the holidays falling in 2020.  There is both free and premium version available which one can get according to the convenience. This application is helpful for all and there is no need to worry about the language. There is all the information present like fasting days, festival list and holidays etc. users can also view Hindi Panchang details of both monthly and daily calendar.

What you will Get?

Panchang is extremely important as the majority of the Indian people follow it for everyday use. Apart from it you are also going to get the details of the government holidays for the 2020 and Hindi Panchang, Festival 2020, Christian festival, Muslim festival, subh Muhurat, graham hora and fasting days in the calendar. Also you can view yemagand, kuilik, rahu kaal, sisha shool, yog, tithi, special events and Nakshatra. You can view the calendar day or month wise and the panchang  is like kalnirnay calendar.

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Features of the Application

There are number of features which you are going to get with the Calendar 2020 application. The application is constantly updated with more features and bugs are also fixed  so that you can take full advantage of the calendar application. Here are some of the important features

Which you will Find in the App

  • With the free version of the Hindu Calendar you are going to get  the complete list of the entire year details  with both monthly  as well as daily view.
  • The information you will get within the app can be shared with your social media contacts. Keep your friends and relatives updated as well.
  • There is a reminder option available within the application  which you can use to add notes and set reminders.  Never miss an important date  when you have this app handy in your Smartphone.
  • You can view Tithi, Maenad, and Nakshtra and get information  for all the days  in the 2020. These dates are important for vrat and other date following.
  • It also includes Giraha Aramv ,Vahan Muhurat, Grih Pravesh, Panchak date.  People who are in the astrology business will find this feature quite helpful and can guide their followers accurately.
  • There is a vikram savant calendar also available  in this application
  • You are going to get pushya nakshtra date  in the calendar
  • You will get daily horoscope  and will also be updated and notify daily
  • View the highlights of chathurthi, ekadashi, amavasya, poornima and other festivals which fall in the month. You also going to get the moon phases  dates
The application can be easily downloadable online and is compatible with all the devices. Get your app today.

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