How to Get Daily Wire on Firestick?

There are many options you can come across when it comes to getting the best news streaming app for your Firestick. Different news streaming apps come with different features and benefits that attract users to a greater extent. But Daily Wire is the best news streaming app that you can get for your Firestick. Every day, some latest news streaming apps enter the online marketplace. This is why it is not easy to select the best option.

As Daily Wire is an ideal app for your Firestick, it is also very easy to get it. Firestick is a smart and fully-capable media streaming device, which you can use to watch your favorite shows and TV programs. But all you need is a news streaming app and Daily Wire is the right fit for your needs and preferences.

How to Get Daily Wire on Firestick

Introduction to Daily Wire

It is a news-based streaming platform, which keeps you updated with political news. Using this app will help you get news, particularly in the USA. The main interesting thing about Daily Wire is that it is more popular for its live commentary. And the popularity of this commentary app is growing very rapidly. At this point, Daily Wire is hosted by lots of popular persons such as Michael Knowles, Matt Walsh, Ben Shapiro, and many others.

On this app, users can receive instant headline updates without any live commentary or commercials from famous shows like The Ben Shapiro Show, The Andrew Klavan Show, The Michael Knowles Show, The Matt Walsh Show, etc. generally, every show on Daily Wire will take you towards different topics. It means that users will always have a fresh topic to stream. There are 3 types of subscriptions you can get with Daily Wire such as:

  • Reader’s Pass ($4 per year)
  • Insider All Access ($14 per month and $12 per year)
  • All-Access ($20 per year)

When you have planned to use Daily Wire, then it is important to select the subscription plan wisely.

Installing Daily Wire on Firestick

The sad news is that it is not available on the Amazon app store. It means that you need to opt for alternative methods to get Daily Wire on Firestick .There are 2 ways for getting Daily Wire on Firestick, such as:

  • Downloader
  • ES File Explorer
Downloader is a kind of simulator app that can help you get unavailable apps on a specific device. It is available on the Amazon app store.

The second option is ES File Explorer. It is a powerful app and media downloader that you can access on Firestick. There is a stepwise guide that will let you download ES File Explorer and start using it for getting Daily Wire.

Final Verdict

As there is no direct method to get started with Daily Wire, but with the help of some alternative apps or third-party apps, you can start using Daily Wire on Firestick. This is how you can get a chance to watch news happening in the USA. So, start the process now.

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