How to Get Peacock on Older LG Smart TV?

You have a smart TV but you do not have Peacock installed on it. This will be wrong because you might be missing out mountains of fun. Now you have realized that you need to know How to Get Peacock on Older LG Smart TV? You are at the right place here you will get step by step guide but before that who doesn't know what a peacock is? Here is the heads-up!

Peacock is a US-based video streaming platform. This platform is managed by NBC Universal. This platform is having everything a TV lover wishes to have.  It has live sports, movies, TV shows, and universal programs and is loaded with entertainment. On older LG smart TVs you can follow this guide

How to Get Peacock on Older LG Smart TV

1. First of all press the Smart Button on your LG remote

2. Now Select the LG Content Store app

3. There you can search for Peacock by typing the app name

4. Once you find the peacock app, click on it and download it on your LG smart TV

5. Then you will have to create an account to sign into the platform and have access

There is no rocket science in installing the peacock app on any platform. You just have to search for the app in the store. Make sure to sign in to have access to the peacock shows by providing the asked information. There is parental control and many other features available that make peacock streaming fun on your LG Smart TV.

How to sign up?

Today even android and iDevices are connected to Smart TVs so you can sign up directly on your LG smart television set or use android or iOS to install the app on your smart TV. Once you have the app it will ask you to sign up. It is recommended to use your Smartphone to download the app as it is simpler this way.  The app will not ask for any confidential detail like your credit card number.

1. First of all, enter your Email address and password to sign up

2. Now select the box that is present next to the button Terms of Use and Privacy POLICY

3. Click on the Start watching button

4. Here fill in your name and other details like your birth date

5. Now press again the start watching button

6. You will get a verification message in your email

7. Verify and now you will have access to peacock shows on your LG smart TV.

The signing-up process is simple and easy. Within a few simple steps, you will be able to make your peacock account on your LG smart TV. To have access to the peacock features sign-in is important. It has many ways but using Smartphone is easy. Remote control features are confusing. Sometimes you also have to repeat the process all over because you press the wrong button and things are more confusing now.  Also, you will have to pay for the peacock subscription which you can do using your Smartphone.  There are different peacock versions available for LG smart TV owners.

Regardless of the OS your Sony Smart TV has, proceeding with the steps correctly will let you install and add the Peacock app to it. After that, you need to open the app and sign in with your account credentials.

You can also cast Peacock on Sony TV if your TV has built-in Chromecast support. Connect your TV and iPhone/Android device to the same network. Launch Peacock on your smartphone and then choose the Cast icon on the home screen. Select your Sony TV to get connected with it.

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