Why Won't Peacock Work on My TV?

Many people are watching their favorite shows for many years. There are many brilliants shows on the peacock that is very entertaining. The shows on the peacock are just amazing and it is even hard to think why it is not working on my TV. There are both old and new episodes of your favorite TV series are there on peacock.

Sometimes you are watching any of your favorite live sports, TV series, or movies. This is something that is going to piss you off but there is nothing to worry about. Here are a few things you can try to make it work again.

Why Won't Peacock Work on My TV

Disengage from your virtual private network

First things first if you are not using a VPN you can skip this step. The majority of streaming and video service providers dodge VPN traffic. Sometimes peacock might block a VPN you might be using. This is why possibly you are not able to watch videos and shows on your TV. The simple way to make it work is to check things first and then reestablish the connection.

How good or bad your internet is?

If you are having slow internet connection you will never be able to enjoy peacock to its fullest. For standard streaming on peacock, you will need a 3-4 Mbps download speed. For high-definition streaming, 5-8 Mbps is required. If you are not having that much speed 

  • Check interference source
  • Restart router
  • Seek help from your internet service provider

Reboot your router

The majority of the time it is Wi-Fi and not the peacock application or your TV. The first thing you can do on your part is to switch off your router, wait, and then on it again. Check every single of the network issues and troubleshoot them. This step must be done once a month to keep the network operating well. Unplug the wires of the router for at least five minutes.

Delete the app and reinstall it

Most of the issues can be handled by clearing the cache but sometimes full steps of reinstallation are required. Follow these steps

  • Press the Home button on your TV remote to get to Home Screen
  • Click on the Menu button and choose Apps
  • Click on Settings
  • Navigate till peacock
  • Click on the Delete button from pop- up menu


  • Click on the home button on your TV remote  to reach the home screen
  • Choose apps from the menu
  • Enter peacock  in the search bar
  • Install the app
  • Login  and continue

You can also add a peacock on the home screen of your TV.

Restart your TV

There are many times when it just glitches in the TV, app, or any other components.  It can also be unusual hiccups in your television software. You can resolve this issue by switching off your TV.  Must wait a while to turn it back. This might also be a way to resolve the issue if you are lucky today. Try manually restarting your TV to start watching your favorite shows on peacock.

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