Does Peacock Have a Student Discount?

Peacock is a streaming network by NBC Universal, which was established only in 2020. The streaming service offers more than 10k hours of free shows, sports, films, and many other exciting programs. It is an ideal place where you can watch many blockbuster trending shows and TV shows. Although there are many rivals of Peacock like Apple TV Plus, Disney Plus, Netflix, etc., still it is the best streaming service.

This service offers premium plans, which can provide you with exclusive content. At Peacock, you will explore a large number of TV programs, films, NBC shows, live news, live sports, and much other original content.

Does Peacock Have a Student Discount

Is There any Student Discount?

Many people are interested to know that is there any discount offered by Peacock for students. Generally, Peacock does not provide any student discount for its users. Of course, the user base of Peacock includes students, children, adults, etc. A lot of students struggle with balancing their studies and entertaining finances. This is the main reason why they always seek out the best-discounted packages for themselves. But still, there are no current student discounts offered by this streaming service.

Peacock has many subscription plans to select from. Among these plans, one plan is free to use. With a free plan, anyone can watch their favorite shows and TV without paying anything. To watch exclusive content, you need to have a premium plan.

But if you are a student, sadly there is no student discount available so that you can get started with this video streaming service.

How to Get Student Discounts?

As mentioned above, there are no discounted deals and offers for students provided by Peacock. But the good news is that there are some other platforms where you can avail of Peacock TV app student discounts. All you need to do is to find the best platform to get student discounted deals. Some platforms have loyalty programs and student discounts to offer.

This is how students can save money. By visiting any of these platforms, you can get discounts of up to 20%. Some may offer more than 20%. With this discount, students can buy a subscription plan for Peacock and start watching their desired TV shows and movies. So, using discounts can help you save a considerable amount of money. 

Are you interested in getting a student discount for Peacock’s subscription plan? If yes, then firstly you will have to select the best platform that offers a student discount for Peacock plans. To get benefited from discounted deals for students who want to use the Peacock streaming service, they will need to register for an ideal platform and create an account with it.

By choosing the best student discount platform, you can take one step further to getting discounts. Moreover, it is important to show the status of your student’s proof. Make sure you have a valid university student ID card. Once you show all the details needed by a platform offering Peacock student discounts, then only you are eligible to get a discount.

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