TikTok Ads Account Suspended

There are many times when people see an account suspended message on their screen and panic. Yes, it can be a nightmare especially when it is your TikTok ad account because every second your business pays. So if you see a suspended message the majority of the time it happens because you have violated the policy of TikTok.   From another channel, people can too submit a complaint about the advertiser in case a policy violation is done.

TikTok Ads Account Suspended

Content Issues

If the content on your ad is not appropriate your account will get suspended. There are all age group people on TikTok and not all are valid to see some content that is banned. This is one case that your account is suspended. No matter it is the graphics or visuals the content needs to pass the policy first. In case a violation of graphics is done account gets suspended. There might be an ad that is dangerous for the viewers. Advertisers must follow the guidelines and read the TikTok advertising policies before they submit their ads on the platform.

Financial Issues

To place your ad on TikTok you have to pay them.  You have to provide them with your credit card information so that they can monthly deduct their fees. There are many times that TikTok gets troubled with declined payments. TikTok gives their advertisers time to pay the amount but if they fail then their account gets suspended for real reasons.  If this is the case then the issue can be solved by talking to the TikTok ad account manager.

What to Do?

When your TikTok ad account is banned your ad will not be displayed on any video on TikTok.  Your account is stopped and will only work when the issue will be resolved. The first thing you can do is to find out the reason for getting banned. Try changing the information on your account. Second, you can do is to call customer care services.

You will need their assistance during this period.  You can talk to them and appeal to them to lift the suspension. They are going to review your appeal and will find out whether your ad follows the TikTok policy guidelines or not.

Ad review is the only option you are left with. If there comes anything that is against the TikTok policy there is no chance that you will get your account back. You might have to build a new ad this time that completely follows the rule.  As you pay for the services you are going to get full support from TikTok. In the majority of cases, the TikTok ad is suspended due to official reasons.

There is a strict policy that advertisers have to follow.  If you have this issue your ad will be removed completely and will not restore in any case. The only solution to avoid account suspension is to build informative, visually appealing, and right ad that fits the TikTok policy needs appropriately.

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