Easter 2020 : Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

A Complete Overview of Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Children and adults alike wait for Easter eagerly. Besides the religious significance, this festival attracts people because of the interesting way in which it is celebrated. Children wait for the Easter festivities and the Easter bunny with his basket of goodies and candies. This day is celebrated in honour of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. To make people aware of the relevance of this festival, the tradition of decorating Easter eggs in new and innovative designs was started.

These eggs are hidden around the house and the children have to search for them and they get candies and other goodies in return. The idea was to get people; especially the younger generation interested enough in the significance of this day to learn about the faith taught by Jesus Christ.

Easter 2020

Earlier, real eggs were used for this tradition. Now, the eggs are made of edible material like chocolates to make them more attractive to kids. There are many games which can be planned to make the Easter egg hunt ideas interesting.

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When is Easter this year 2020

12 April 2020

Easter Sunday 2020

Year Date Day of the Week
Easter Sunday 2016 March 27, 2016 Sunday
Easter Sunday 2017 April 16, 2017 Sunday
Easter Sunday 2018 April 1, 2018 Sunday
Easter Sunday 2019 April 21, 2019 Sunday
Easter Sunday 2020 April 12, 2020 Sunday
Easter Sunday 2021 April 4, 2021 Sunday
Easter Sunday 2022 April 17, 2022 Sunday

'Find The Color’ Egg Hunt

This is a game which can be played by everyone. You can ask the children in the age group of four to six to find a particular color from amongst the painted eggs, for example, green. Similarly, you can ask the older age group of six to twelve year olds to search for another color, say, brown. In this way, the smaller children have their own game and they are not outdone by the older kids.

This game can be modified for older kids by dividing them into teams of twos or threes. They have to find a set of previously color coded eggs in the shortest possible time. The team that finds the most eggs in the given time or the one that finds all the eggs in the set first wins. You should ensure that you have filled the eggs with toys or candy for all the participants.

You could also pair the participants who complement each other’s ages. An older person can lift up a small child to look in the tree for Easter eggs. Likewise, the smaller child can crawl under tables and behind sofas to search for the eggs.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Easter Egg Hunt Idea With A ‘Checklist’

This game is a variation of the games given above. Every kid is given a checklist with the number of eggs of each color which have to be found and then put in his or her basket. They are given a pencil and a time limit is set. They have to keep on checking off the eggs which they have found on the checklist. The kids who find all the items on the list first win. You should ensure that all the items to be searched for have been hidden well around the house and they are enough for all the kids. Also, the kids who complete the task should be rewarded with toys, candy or kids’ tattoos.

‘Time For Scrabble’ Easter Egg Hunt Idea

Color the eggs and write a single letter of the alphabet on each one. Leave some eggs blank after coloring them. And voila! Your ‘scrabble on eggs’ is ready to be played. Ask the kids to look around for eggs of any color that they can find. Then they have to try and make words with the letters which they have. The blank eggs can be used in place of any letter to complete a word as in scrabble.

‘Spoon And Egg Races’

You could give the egg hunt a miss if you do not relish the idea of people running all over your house and maybe squishing the chocolate Easter eggs on your cream colored sofa. You can plan your own version of the Easter egg hunt idea by arranging egg and spoon races for each age group separately. The eggs can be made of chocolate and can be eaten later on. So, everybody wins and ends up having a great time.

‘Find The Treasure’ Egg Hunt Idea

This idea is very popular among youngsters and kids alike; although it requires the host to do a bit more preparation than for other simpler Easter egg hunt ideas. The participants can be given written or picture clues which will lead to the next clue and so on. The treasure at the end of the hunt should be worth the effort like, for example, a basket filled with Easter 2020 goodies.

‘Try Your Luck At The Lottery’ Egg Hunt

After you color the eggs, you can put small slips of paper in each egg with a number written on it. The same numbers will be written on another set of paper chits and put in a bowl. The kids can search for the Easter eggs and when they find a number inside it, they can exchange it for a gift like a toy or a temporary tattoo. The game can be modified by putting the name of the gift on the slip of paper instead of a number so that the kid comes to know immediately what he has won.

Some people wonder if it is a good idea to give so many chocolate and candy to the kids on Easter. At the end of the day, having played so many Easter egg hunt games, the kids have had more than their fill of sweets. Adults wonder if they should replace the gifts and prizes with other items of use like crayons, pencils, pens or small story books. But, these ideas are not appreciated by the kids as they are in the celebratory Easter mood. You could substitute some sweets with toys.

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Amidst all the Easter day celebrations, the menu should match the theme of the day. The table should be set outside amidst the venue of the egg hunt and decorated with a bright table cloth. The dishes may vary from hot cross buns, cakes, breads shaped like birds, ham and eggs.

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