How Many People Can Watch Peacock?

How Many People Can Watch Peacock at Once

The peacock streaming service is getting more popular day by day and why not it has amazing content for the users. There are 3 subscription plans available with the peacock streaming services and the free trial is the cheapest. If you are new to peacock then it is recommended that you try it for free first.

This streaming service platform is having some of the best content like movies, TV shows, live shows, news, and much more. It will not be a bad idea to invest in the peacock subscription. There are two peacock plans which are peacock premium and peacock premium plus. Cost is what users consider to compare the two plans.

How Many People Can Watch Peacock

How Many Users can use Peacock?

We cannot keep all the fun to ourselves and we have to share it with family and friends. So it gets important to know how many people can watch with one subscription. The good news is regardless of your subscription plan 3 people are allowed to watch peacock with one subscription plan. Three people can watch the peacock at the same time.

Peacock provides several same-time streams and you can take account of that to know how many you have got. This is something amazing because three members of the family can watch their favorite shows on different devices at the same time. You can also share your peacock login details with two of your friends and enjoy the fun.

It has been confirmed that NBC universal streaming service providers have three streams in each subscription plan.

How Many People can be logged into Peacock?

Currently, peacock offers streaming on three devices which means three people. No matter you are having a paid subscription or a free you can share your peacock account with two more friends or family members. If you are happy with the free subscription but have limited streams then you can make a new account and have additional streams by paying nothing. Paid subscriptions are available for $4.99 and $9.99 with unlimited choices of content to stream. With paid plans, you can share your peacock account with two more people.

With 3 streams per user, there is not going to be any update soon.  Users will have to make sure that they stay limited with three stream limit or they can pay for 2nd subscription that will help them gain extra three streams. If you are a free plan member then you can switch to a second subscription and gain additional streams. Subscribers can watch peacock on three devices like smart TV, Smartphone, or laptop.

There are many devices that peacock supports. Keep in mind that peacock is a new service and still developing. The app is doing great and it is expected to improve in the future. Peacock is having many amazing features that are gaining huge attention. If you too are a fan of peacock streaming service then make sure to get your desirable peacock subscription and enjoy the fun with family and friends.

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