Can Two People Watch Peacock at the Same Time?

With many video streaming services to choose from, Peacock is the most popular and reliable video streaming service you can rely on if you are living in the United States of America. You can use Peacock on a variety of devices and operating systems. It comes with three different subscription levels. The main interesting thing about Peacock is that it has the cheapest plan that comes with a free option. But, the cost plays an important role that subscribers will consider when they are opting for a subscription.

Along with the cost, many people are still willing to know that can more than one person watch Peacock at the same time. How many people can share the subscription to Peacock at one time? Once they ensure this thing, a consumer can watch a TV show or movie whenever they want or what they want on any device.

Can two persons watch this video streaming service at the same time? Yes, of course! Peacock is a video subscription service that can be used on many different devices. But there is a limitation on the number of devices on which people can use this service. The number is three, which you must know before opting for this video subscription service by NBC Universal in the USA.

Can Two People Watch Peacock at the Same Time

Three Streams

Can two or more two persons stream or watch Peacock at the same time? Yes, three people can watch Peacock at the same time. This video subscription service offers all subscribers the option to watch on three devices at a single time. Whether you have a paid or free plan, this rule is applicable to all plans. Of course, the number of devices or streams matters less for those choosing a no-cost subscription. This is why each family member should get their own subscription and video stream allowance. But this is not the case with Peacock.

Consequently, any person having a Peacock free plan can access this service on three devices at one time. The same is true for a premium plan of the Peacock TV app. No matter whether you have a free or premium plan for the Peacock TV app, you can access Peacock on three devices at the same time.

Based on the type of plan you have, you will be able to stream content accordingly on any device at a single time. With the Peacock premium costing $4.99 every month and the premium ad-free costing $9.99 every month, a person can access any kind of original content, TV show, movie, kids programs, etc. on 3 devices at the same time.

It supports multiple devices at one time. But the number of devices is 3. Not more than 3 devices it is going to support. Whether it is a smart TV, home device, or any other device, Peacock can be accessed on 3 devices at a single time. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your Peacock plan and start accessing it on more than one device, but limited to 3 devices.

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